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I don’t want to write and individual blog entry about every city that I went to during my stay. I am sure I would repeat myself way too often and I want to fill my blog entries with interesting text rather than pictures that speak for themselves, I am just not a passionate enough photographer to be able to do that.

So here it is, my little personal unorganised Erasmus UK travel book (I will list the cities in the order I visited them; and I think I will split this in two entries):



Nearly every one of us has seen Manchester’s airport multiple times, but we decided to give the city a chance as well. For me it had an urbanely feel. Big shopping streets and malls, easy to get lost in.

We went to the art gallery, split up into small groups and made funny comments on Victorian paintings. And when we got together at our meeting point, it turned out that my group was the only one to miss the awesome 100-years-of-vouge-exibition. So we were screamed at to go back and look and it was indeed pretty awesome. And I am sure not only for people like me that like fashion.

Then we had less than half an hour left for the John Rylands library, which is definitely not enough! We only saw the main attraction, a huge, beautiful old room that almost looks like a church. Old libraries have the best atmosphere. Calm and wise and mysterious.

For the rest, we walked around the city’s big streets, saw some nice night lights, and looked at the cathedral from outside (you can peek in for free, but a full entrance was too expensive for us).



York is the partner city of my hometown in Germany actually, so how thoughtful and culturally interested of me to go there! I fell in love with York a little bit, it is so cute! (Cuter than my hometown, so props to you Münster, good partner choice) Some of the streets reminded me a lot of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter, so narrow and full of interesting shops and crooked houses. I especially liked all the old, second hand, and completely unorganised bookshops.

The cathedral is nice as well, and apparently there are some museums worth visiting. We preferred to just walk around town, instead of joining the other for those. To be fair, some British students told me that York has some nasty and ugly streets outside of the cosy, touristy part. I didn’t see them, but perhaps York is the nicest when you see it as a tourist for just one day...




I have been to London multiple times now. There is a bus from Sheffield to London that takes 4 hours to get there and costs 10£ both ways. We left at 6 in the morning and slept the whole drive, the way back was annoying though, we got stuck in traffic and it took forever! It was raining a lot that day, but we walked around a lot anyway. The Christmas decorations on Oxford Street were one highlight for me. And one of us had never been to London before; it was great to watch him being impressedJ. I would recommend just walking around London to enjoy it. Along the Thames, over the bridges, around the parks, not necessarily the Hyde Park, there are other very beautiful ones as well. And peek into the free museums: I especially like the Natural History one, the clothing section in the Victoria & Albert and the old Egyptian part in the British Museum (this one has an extremely nice entry hall as well).



I was not that impressed by Leeds. It is pretty good for shopping I think. There is a huge mall and the streets are full with shops. But mainly the common chains, I didn’t see a lot of cute independent stores.

We were there during Christmas time as well, and they had a ‘German Christmas Marked’, which was interesting. The stands looked authentic and the stuff that was sold in them was too. It was rather small though, and there was too much space between the stands. A Christmas marked has to be narrow and crowded.

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