Before I came here, I didn’t even think about the fact that this would be over at one point. I was so busy with adapting to this new life and meeting the people that would share this life with me. So many people told me before that time would fly, that I would be extremely sad to leave, no matter how scared I were in the beginning. I didn’t completely believe them, I thought that one semester was still a lot of time, but they were right. I didn’t feel like 4 month. I did so many things here, I have so many memories, but at the same time I cannot believe that time went by so quickly.

I will miss many things, even very small or annoying ones. The talks while walking to uni 20 minutes almost every day. Complaining how dirty and messy the kitchen is but still making pizza there at 4 in the morning and inviting people to it for pre drinks. Taking forever to get to a party in the city centre on a freaking cold November evening. Hiding in someone’s room before that party until flatmates convince us to go, although we’ve gone out three times already that week and are super tired. Stressing that you really need to study this time but ending up chatting for hours in the library. Waking up at night because you hear people talking on the floor and gossiping about who it was the next day.

Most of all, I will miss this unique situation. Because even if you come back to Sheffield or see each other again in whatever country, it will never be the same. I am so happy about all the amazing people I met here. I am happy because so many European countries that I never had a lot of associations with before have faces and stories and memories now.

We created this cosy, small bubble together, where all you have to worry about is the next essay hand in date and whether the party next Friday is sold out already. Where you can forget about everything difficult at home and live a new and exciting life for a few months. Thank you for that life people, I loved living it with you!

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